pLock 1.1

Transparent lock for Windows Mobile


  • Automatic lock


  • All mobiles have a lock feature already

Not bad

How many times have you accidentally made a phone call to a friend or contact only for them to hear a muffled noise coming out of your pocket? And those calls can be very expensive if you make lots of them or don't realise what you're doing until it's too late. Now of course there is a simple way around this by using the locking device on your mobile, usually through a combination of two keys. pLock makes this simpler, and has one extra option.

Once downloaded a small key symbol displays on the screen. Then you are ready to choose your combination of keys to lock your mobile. However, you can also decide to make the software lock your phone if no buttons have been used after a certain period of time. So, if like me, you are always forgetting to lock your phone, you don't have to worry.

pLock is a Today screen plugin which can lock your device to prevent it from unwanted taps when carrying it.


  • ADD: Auto-lock after <m> minutes
  • ADD: Turning display off when locking
  • ADD: HW key to unlock the device
  • ADD: Localizations (English, Czech)
  • ADD: do not lock device if on external power source

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